This is Me

My name is Michael. During the day I help Elon University faculty, staff, and students find new and meaningful ways to use technology to enhance their teaching and learning. I’ve also collaborated with subject matter experts, faculty and instructional designers to design and develop fully online courses, presented for high school and college audiences on social media and educational technology, lead training sessions on how to design presentations that don’t suck, and have a background in faculty training for e-learning technologies.

Presenting and training are passions of mine. I love using comedy to talk about social media and how it affects our lives, our learning, and our future. I’ve done this in front of nearly 46,000 people since 2010. My most popular session is called How Social Media Affects Us. This is a comedic presentation targeted at high school and college students that challenges them to think about how social media affects their lives and lifestyles. You can view the a version of this presentation on the How Social Media Affects Us page.

My experiences as a presenter led me to create a training series on effective presentation design. These sessions incorporate research-supported concepts and strategies from the world of neuroscience. I’ll teach you how to make better presentations by helping you develop new ways of thinking about design (even if you have little to no design experience). Learn more about what I can help you do on the Effective Presentation Design page.

This is some other stuff I do

On campus I ran the Maker Hub, Elon’s first makerspace, alongside my colleague Dan Reis. The Maker Hub is the result of nearly two years of building and nurturing the maker community on campus to establish support for a formal space. We have amazing student staff, a great collection of supplies and equipment, ongoing maker events (check our site for anything upcoming), and an innovative grant program for student projects.

I’m a member of the Learning Spaces Workgroup on campus. Our goal is to examine best practices in learning space design, and then to execute and examine those best practices on campus. These efforts culminated in our work on Alamance 207, which was renovated during Winter Term of 2016.

Alamance 207 now features four projectors (which can each project a unique image source), wireless screen sharing through AirMedia, six whiteboards on three walls, fully mobile furniture (most of which is on wheels), and pedagogical support and training for the instructors using the room. We have cool pictures of the space.

This is Luna

a black lab/chow mix

She’s an adorable love sponge who gives awesome high fives.

This is Stubbs

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He’s cooler than all of us, and rocks an endearing Napoleon Complex.

This is my email

I can be reached via email at Owl service is currently unavailable. Blame the dementors.

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