SAMR Resources

Thank you for attending my session on ed tech and the SAMR Ladder. I hope you find these resources useful. If anything’s missing, you have questions, or there’s something cool you found that should be on this page, drop me a line and let me know!

Small Update: I’ve received several requests for copies of my slides. I unfortunately don’t share those, but I’d be happy to talk about visiting your school to repeat this session. 😀

via Dr. Ruben Puentadura,
via Dr. Ruben Puentadura,

Useful Starting Resources

Transition Questions for the SAMR Ladder

Analog Tech to Substitution
  • What will I gain by replacing the older technology with the new technology?
Substitution to Augmentation
  • Have I added an improvement to the task process that could not be accomplished with the older technology at a fundamental level?
  • How does this feature contribute to my design?
Augmentation to Modification
  • How is the original task being modified?
  • Does this modification fundamentally depend upon the new technology?
  • How does this modification contribute to my design?
Modification to Redefinition
  • What is the new task?
  • Will any portion of the original task be retained?
  • How is the new task uniquely made possible by the new technology?
  • How does it contribute to my design?

Transition questions via Dr. Ruben Puentadura, SAMR Ladder Questions (PDF)