Moodle Support Playlists

The links below will take you to playlists of Moodle support videos I recorded and curated between March and August 2020. My time was strained given the dramatic increase in support and training requests related to the university’s pivot to remote instruction. Due to this (and a bit of inspiration from my frustration with recipe blogs), I chose to forego the usual levels of polish that would have added to the production time (e.g. no open or end cards, no music, no advanced video editing). This turned out to be extremely effective.

I also chose to focus each video on a hyper-specific task rather than embedding several tasks within one longer video. I provided multiple pathways in some instances. For example, in the Using Moodle Quizzes playlist you’ll find videos on how to quickly create a specific question type with the most commonly used settings, and a much longer companion video that explains each individual setting. These videos were created to:

  • reduce the support load on my team, which was not fully staffed at the time, by answering many of the common questions we receive
  • reduce the support load on my student staff, as well as the Technology Service Desk at Elon University, by providing a growing support resource they could reliably refer to
  • make it as easy as possible for faculty to find the self-service answers they were searching for

Moodle Support and Training Playlists


Based on the YouTube analytics for the videos in the playlists above:

  • the average watch percentage is 81%
  • the lowest watch percentage is 61%
  • The average watch percentage for videos <1 minute is 94%

These stats are based on the 147 videos I’ve recorded and published between March 15 and August 15 this year.

Faculty Feedback

The following comments are not endorsements for this specific position. I am including them because they have been shared either publicly or with others on campus, and directly relate to the resources listed above.

Huge s/o to [Michael Vaughn] – educational technologist extraordinaire at [Elon University]. He’s made so many helpful videos this summer that are great for just-in-time learning, but are also somehow soothing, making you think maybe you can handle this after all.

-Dr. Amanda Sturgill, Associate Professor of Journalism, Elon University (source)

All Michael’s videos walking us through the tools with screen views were so helpful – thank you for all the time and effort you put into those! 

Feedback from summer training

Just wanted to say that Michael is AMAZING! He has done so much to help the faculty effectively prepare for this fall. Whatever the institution is paying him is not nearly enough. If we have a successful fall semester from an instructional standpoint, he deserves much of the credit for that.

Dr. Mat Gendle, Professor of Psychology and Director of Project Pericles, in an email to my director, the CIO, and the Provost at Elon University

Any of the comments on this hastily made video, Five Common Video Mistakes (and how to fix them).