Analytics Data I Receive

  • Google Analytics is enabled on this site. This is to provide me with valuable insight into who is visiting, and to help me separate statistics about traffic to this unlisted page from traffic on the rest of my site.
  • I receive analytics data from Beacons.ai, the service that linked you to this page.
    • This does not include identifying or demographic information, but it does tell me how many people visit my Beacons profile, and how many times each link has been clicked within a specific timeframe.
  • I receive analytics data from TikTok related to the performance of my videos.
    • This data includes, but is not limited to, counts of video views, profile views, comments, shares, and new followers; and demographic information about followers (gender, country, and when followers are collectively more active on TikTok).
  • I receive analytics data from the Amazon Affiliate program, including which links were clicked, which products were purchased, and counts of the total number of clicks and items ordered.
    • I cannot see identifying or demographic information of purchasers.
    • I can see which products were ordered after visiting one of my affiliate links or storefront, even if the purchased products aren’t from a list or link I created.

Financial Disclosures

  • I am no longer a member of the TikTok Creator Fund as of March 18th, 2022.
    • I was a member of the Creator Fund from November 22nd, 2021 through March 18th, 2022.
    • During that time I earned money from TikTok based on the number of views I collectively received on videos I created and published.
    • The rate was approximately $0.006-0.02 per 1,000 views, so I would earn approximately $1.00 for a video with 100,000 views.
    • I chose to leave the Creator Fund because:
      • My average view count was severely diminished after joining the program, leading me to believe TikTok was actively suppressing views and visibility for members of the program*.
      • TikTok would pay an average of $0.02 per 1,000 views, which is already pitifully low for this industry (YouTube pays ~$5.00 per 1,000 views), but TikTok would dynamically change that rate to as low as $0.004 per 1,000 views whenever a video I posted would go viral. This consistently happened, and was not a mistake. TikTok pays creators less when their videos do well.
      • TikTok’s content moderation system was, and continues to be, fundamentally broken.
        • Of the 12 community guidelines violations I’ve been issued, ten were overturned on appeal. The appeals process now takes upwards of a day. During this time TikTok makes the video unavailable, and ceases to promote your other videos. This also halts any interactions with or on your videos. Your view count is functionally frozen until the appeal goes through. Even if your video is restored, it now is no longer being promoted, and may have a much lower priority with the algorithms if you’ve posted more videos after it. This broken content moderation system means you’ve wasted measurable time and effort creating and publishing content that will never be seen. If you’re a member of the Creator Fund, this also affects your earnings.
        • There are three duplicate accounts that have stolen my videos and reposted them as me (down to duplicating my bio and profile photo). These include videos of me with my newborn and two year old daughters. These accounts are messaging people pretending to be me in an attempt to scam them. I reported these accounts on February 21, 2022. TikTok still has not removed them a month later. The current status of the reports is “Under Review”. I submitted a copyright takedown notice on February 22, 2022. TikTok still has not responded to this notice, and has not responded to support requests regarding this issue.
        • TikTok does not pay creators fairly, fails to adequately protect creators, and it does not respect intellectual property laws.
  • I am not a member of Etsy’s affiliate program, though I do link to lists of gift ideas I’ve created on their site.
  • I am a member of Amazon’s affiliate program, and have an Influencer Storefront.
    • If someone visits my storefront or clicks an affiliate link I’ve generated, then purchases a product within a specific period of time, I do receive a small portion of that sale. This includes products purchased that are not on lists I’ve created (including items that were already in your cart, or that were added to your cart after you clicked one of my affiliate links).
  • The money I earn through the Amazon affiliate program is not my primary income, or an essential part of my income, but it is meaningful enough to be worthwhile.
  • If I choose to enter into a financial agreement with a third party to promote their goods or services on one of my social media accounts, this will be transparently disclosed as an ad.
* Before leaving the Creator Fund I was averaging 15k views per video. Growth for many of the videos would abruptly stop between 8-9k views, then slowly grow for one more day. The first video I posted after leaving the Creator Fund surpassed 160k views in less than a day.