Effective Presentation Design

It was outstanding. Your communication skills while presenting were textbook. It had a perfect amount of humor that is suitable for all audiences.

Connor B., Elyria, OH

I enjoyed learning about the science of engagement and why it’s crucial to structure presentations around this.

Lily D., Elon, NC

I love that it wasn’t a technical training. I love that it focused on the big picture of presentation design. In other words I learned a lot I can apply not only to my undergraduate research presentation, but future academic and professional presentations as well! I am really excited to apply what I learned in any presentations I might have to create during my internship this summer.

Stephanie B., Elon, NC

Anonymous feedback for this session from Appalachian State University’s FreeLearning Conference

  • Michael was a great speaker! He did a great job of modeling effective design.
  • Excellent speaker, well-prepared, and knew his audience. I went away with a lot of ideas from this presentation.
  • I appreciated how the presenter talked about how we listen and process information. I need to be reminded of this sometimes.
  • This guy was a great speaker/presenter, and what a great slideshow he had. I wish we’d had more time to talk/ask questions because it was inspiring.

How Social Media Affects Us

Your presentation really opened up my eyes about how much information is being thrown into the world with the use of Facebook. After your presentation I double checked everything to make sure it was secure and kosher with the world. Thank you for presenting this in a youthful, fun way. It was nice to be able to not be in over our heads in at least one program.

Delaney, Cincinatti, OH

I wish my parents could have been here to see you. Hell, my whole family. Even my dog.

Jordan, Pittsburgh, PA

You drove the points home about piracy, privacy, sexting and texting while driving. You did this with humor interspersed with cold, hard facts. You put it in language that kids can understand. No lectures. “You do this, this happens.” Fantastic! And since we KNOW they have the information, there is NO excuse. The most important hour we spent today. Thank you!

Brenda Ward, Pemberville, OH (a parent)

My favorite part of your session was the whole thing, there was never a quiet moment. You made the topic interesting and got your point across with the support of real facts and examples. This topic was approached with simplicity and giving us young adults what we need to hear with a WAKE UP CALL. You hit the issue right on the head. They saved the best session for last. Thank you for the great facts and keeping us engaged.

Katie W., Lima, OH

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