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Activity Ideas

Activities are a great way to involve your audience in your presentation. They put the responsibility on the audience to create and share their own knowledge, and boosts their engagement in the session. Here are six activities I love to use in my presentations. They’re so simple to do that the instruction for each fits on one page.

Presentation Design eBook

I’ve written an ebook titled Effective Presentation Design, which is available for free in the iBooks store. I’ll be adding to this over time.

Basic Graphic Design Concepts

I recommend starting with a concept called CRAP design. CRAP is an acronym for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. These are basic graphic design principles that are easy to learn, and hard to forget. Here are some resources to start:

The slide deck for my training, A Crash Course in CRAP Design.

An excerpt from Presentation Zen, covering CRAP design principles.

An open source ebook covering CRAP design.

Other Resources

I’m actively collecting articles and advice I find in these pinboards. Drop me a line if you find something interesting you think I should share here.

Presenting and Presentation Design

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Free Photos for Projects

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Light Research

The brain forms stronger memories when more senses are activated (source).

The brain has limits to how much information it can process (source).

Chunking information is a great way to assist the delivery of information (source).